100% Commission | Flat-Fee Based Real Estate Brokerage

100% Commission | Low Flat-FeeAs Low as $199.00 Per Closing • No Other Fees

Get Paid Fast! • Commission Checks Cut Directly From Escrow

Commission-based Buyer & Seller Lead Referrals

Full-time Marketing Director to Help You Achieve Your Goals 

E&O is only $500 per year!
 • No Desk Fees • No Monthly Fees 

No Hidden Fees
 • No Quotas (only motivation :-)

Included Features:

Digital Uploads for Closing Files and Commission Demands

Access to Agent Network To Post Announcements and More

• Freedom To Work Remotely With No Mandatory Meetings or Quotas

• Free Agent Website Tailored To You!

• We Encourage You To Get Your NMLS and Earn Even More

Compare Golden Eagle Properties to an 80/20 Split

Sell a house for the CA median price $863,390 *July 18th 2022
Total commission = $21,584.75 *2.5% commission
Transaction Fee= $199.00
Net to Agent = $21,385.75